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There is a long shared history between UNAM and France, specially Sorbonne University. Halfway through the 19th century there were scientific projects where both Mexicans and French scholars took part, especially in the field of cartography: a common project which made extensive maps of the Mexican National Territory. When in September 1910 our university was founded again as Universidad Nacional de México due to the efforts of Justo Sierra, the Sorbonne acted as patroness. It goes without saying that the Centro de Estudios Mexicanos (Mexican Studies Centre, CEM from now on) is way younger, starting its operations in 2014.


The project to open a CEM in Paris starts to materialise by June 2013 through several meetings, especially the Meeting of the Mexican Talent Network, which groups Mexican professionals settled in Europe, and which was convened by the Embassy of Mexico and the Institute for Overseas Mexican Nationals, under the presidency of the Mexican Ambassador, Mr. Agustín García-López. In this meeting, prominent Mexican scientists in Europe were interested and supported the creation of a centre like this, to facilitate and drive academic exchanges, project funding, student stays and training projects between UNAM and European institutions. This meeting was complemented by Dr. Octavio Paredes' visit to the Dean's office at Sorbonne to continue exploring cooperation opportunities

Meeting of the Mexican Talent Network in Europe

From that moment on, contacts and initiatives multiplied, until in April 2014, the CEM was established at l'Académie des Sciences, which, besides the required logistical work, kindly provided office space through Dr. Catherine Bréchignac, Secrétaire Perpetuelle.

Institute of France, where the Academy of Science is headquartered

At the same time remodelling works for the permanent office were having place in Les Cordeliers, according to CEM needs.

Works at the Cordeliers site

On May 9th 2014 Dr Octavio Paredes López received the keys of the centre in a brief and modest ceremony, attended by Mr Jean Chambaz (UPMC President); Mrs Henriette Savorat (UPMC Administrative Director), the architect Matthieu Bourdon, from UPMC; Mrs Maryse Bossière, senior official at the Foreign Office of France, Mr. Agustín García-López Loaeza, Ambassador of Mexico in France, as well as Embassy personnel.

Official inauguration of the MSC France is foreseen for March 30th, 2015, in the presence of the Dean of UNAM, Dr. José Narro Robles, Dr. Francisco Trigo Tavera, (Secretary of Institutional Development), Mr Jean Chambaz, Dr. Roberto Castañón Romo, (General Director of the Centre for Foreign Teaching CEPE), the Ambassador Agustín García-López and other Mexican and French authorities.

Key Delivery Ceremony